Offline – Regular Programming

Well, I guess it was bound to be that the Radio Station project itself had to be shelved sooner or later. It came down to simple economics. Rest assured this is not the end of SaGR by any means! ONLY daily news and music have gone offline.   The following items will continue and a schedule of events will follow soon:
  • 24/7 Weather Feed (Online here)
  • Fly Tying Hangouts with Fly Fish Ohio
  • SaGR Podcast to return in it's old format
  • Various other experiments
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Funding Needed

We are in need of funding! The broadcast coffers are empty! Thanks to listener donations we were able to finish out 2013 on a great note! You helped us get back on-air and start rolling out the programming. Now we need your help for 2014. Please spread the word and help if you can at the link below.
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A personal note – the future of Stop and Go Radio

I started Stop and Go Radio nearly 5 years ago with several things in mind: -=- To experiment with the technology of streaming and internet radio -=- To explore new and different programming -=- And to program a radio station that played things I was interested in. There are many more reasons, but these are the main ones that got the ball rolling. We've always gone on the basis of listener financial support over the years and with the exception of a few outstanding listeners (Thanks Will, Matt, Steve, Vera and J!), I've personally covered the vast majority of the costs of running Stop and Go Radio. Recently several listeners have pitched in to help and we greatly appreciate each and every one of the donors listed to the right of the page. As you can see, it's pretty much all the same names. Due to recent changes in the way I'm paid at work and the dwindling amount of listener financial support, we've reached a crossroads. Believe me, the drive to run the station and continue to build it is there! And stronger than ever. But the financial means aren't. I can't keep tapping the same financial supporters while the remaining listeners get a free ride. Without listener financial support, Stop and Go Radio will officially close it's doors October 27th. [fergcorp_cdt] Stop and Go Radio is listener funded radio and relies on your donations to keep the station running. Your donation will support our online operating costs, and our ability to continue operating and growing. We need to raise $547.00 +/- to finish out the year, and $128.00 to complete this month. Please help support Stop and Go Radio.
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Good Sunday Morning

Looking like it's going to be a beautiful day here - Sunny, High in the mid 80's and light breezes. Old Time Radio on the schedule today. Don't forget SaGR is on Twitter and facebook. Links on the right side. Join us!
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