Weather Stream and Station Update

An attentive listener noticed that we had actually switched the monitored transmitter on Sunday! Very well spotted!  162.425 MHz – KZZ81 was offline for a bit so we switched to 162.400 MHz – KXI58 until this morning.


Jeremy also asked about shows or podcasts coming back. Well, we will be doing some more fly tying hangouts as things slow down so look for those this fall/winter. I’m toying with bringing back a music stream, but this all depends on funding. Regular news programming may also make a return if we can make our funding needs. We’d need at least $300.00 to cover licensing through the winter.


More soon!

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New Show in Pre-Production

Pre-production is under way for a new audio podcast coming soon!

The show is aimed at fly fishers (Western and Tenkara) in the Tenkara and Western Fly Fishing – Midwest Facebook group.

Stay tuned for more info!


Reminder:: Our Weather stream is available on our Listen page.

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WebSDR located in Crimea

WebSDR based in Crimea Ukraine.

Link to this receiver –

(JAVA issues with this? See this video –

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WebSDR JAVA Security Issues – Fix

A quick video response to a Facebook group post on JAVA issues with WebSDR sites.

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